Jade Smith hates the pop idol group Bouquet and everything it represents: the brainlessness of popular culture, the objectification of women, and the devaluation of music by industry money-grubbers. Her twin sister Amber wants nothing more than to win this year's audition for one of two vacant spots in the group. Jade couldn't be less interested, until she learns that Amber doesn't stand a chance without the added angle of a twin sister to make her more marketable. Now, for Amber's sake, Jade has to swallow her pride and bury her convictions in order to become the one thing she despises most: a pop idol. But can she impress the Bouquet higher-ups so much that they'll hand Jade and Amber both of the two empty spots? And what happens if Jade accidentally, sort of, develops a thing for the producer's son?

The Creators

MJ Fanta loves speculative fiction, the subject of human behavior, and iconic things that come in a lot of different colors such as bottles of Izze and the Sailor Scouts.

Jesse Fanta loves manga. Some of his favorites include Binbougami ga!, Mai Ball!, and One Punch Man. He also has an obsessively large collection of polymer erasers.

They both drink too much coffee and consume too few nutrients.

The Website

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