Chapter 3


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Transcript for Chapter 3

Transcript for Chapter 3A

Opens with a shot inside the convention center where the Bouquet auditions are taking place. A crowd of people mill around, composed mainly of cute girls and their families. Banners hang from the ceiling; they say "Bouquet Auditions" and feature the current members of Bouquet in concert outfits.

Through the crowd we see Jade sitting by herself on the floor against a wall. She has one shoe off and she's drawing a little monster on it with her Sharpie marker.

Justice comes walking through with a purpose. He looks over as he passes by and notices Jade. He stops abruptly and faces her.

Justice: There you are.

He squats in front of her, but she turns her face and won't look him in the eye.

Justice: I've been looking for you all day.

Jade: What a coincidence. That's exactly how long I've been hiding from you.

Justice sits beside her on the floor, but she scoots away a little. He looks offended.

Justice: I was starting to think you weren't coming back. So, did you think about it.

Jade still isn't looking at him. She seems depressed.

Jade: Yeah.

Justice: And?

Suddenly, Jade turns to him angrily.

Jade: And I hate you for putting this off on me.

Justice: I'm not trying to manipulate you, Jade. It's is what it is. Before I saw you, Amber would never have had a chance. Now it feels inevitable.

Jade glares at him.

Jade: I'm going to do this, but let's get one thing very clear.

She points at him.

Jade: I'm definitely not doing it to make you happy.

Justice: Okay, we're clear.

Jade's face shows rigid determination and anger. Justice stares back, with equal seriousness and determination. But then, suddenly, he grins at her. He gets to his feet and offers her a hand.

Justice: Here, let me help you up.

Jade gives him her hand, but he grabs her around the wrist and takes off, pulling her behind. His congenial smile is gone; now he only looks determined. Jade is shocked. She's still holding her shoe in one hand as he pulls her by the other.

Jade: Hey, where are we going?

Justice looks back at her but doesn't slow down.

Justice: Are you kidding? It's three oc'clock. Round Two's over at five. Do you have any idea how much hell is going to break loose around here one the girls are gone?

He reads from his clipboard as they run.

Justice: We cut twelve hundred down to four hundred last night, and tonight we're going to cut them again to eighty.

He pulls her through a pair of doors and into a back service hallway.

Justice: Now we have to get you cleaned up so you can do yesterday's Round One in time to audition with the last group today.

Jade looks confused.

Jade: Cleaned up? I took a shower this morning...

Suddenly, the full meaning of what Justice said hits Jade. She's horrified.

Jade: Wait a minute, what do you mean, audition?

Justice: You have to audition. What, did you think we were just going to stick you in there?

Jade: Well, yeah. The way you keep saying how much you want me...

Justice pulls Jade around a corner.

Justice: I do want you, and Harrison likes you, but he can't make a final decision until he sees you in action. Just like everyone else. A great face in a photo can be underwhelming in person. And what if you can't sing? Can't dance?

Jade yells at him.

Jade: I can't dance!

He pulls her through heavy double doors.

Justice: Also, this company has a lot of integrity. And I guarantee that people have seen the two of us talking. It's not going to look so good if I'm chatting up some random girl by the food trucks, and next thing you know she's a flower.

He keeps pulling. Jade follows behind, annoyed.

Justice: And even if none of that other stuff mattered, we still have the show to think about. America gets to watch the audition process, and it would look pretty weird if you were never a part of it.

Jade: Let me get this straight. You're telling me I have to let the whole country watch me fight to get into a group I don't even want to join in the first place? What am I going to have to do?

Justice looks back at her, smiling.

Justice: Take some pictures. Sing a couple songs. Nothing everyone else isn't doing.

Jade: But what am I supposed to sing?

They hurry through the hall and pass a door labeled "Makeup."

Jade: I don't know any Bouquet songs-

Justice comes to a halt and Jade runs into his back with an "oof." Justice looks back at her; she's panting, trying to catch her breath. Justice grins a little suggestively.

Justice: Come on, Jade. Everyone knows a Bouquet song.

Transcript for Chapter 3B

Opens with Justice and Jade walking into the makeup room. Jade is glancing around, curious. Justice is holding his phone and a clipboard.

Justice: Ilsa, can you help me? I have to get Jade ready for pictures, and I've only got twelve minutes.

Closeup of ILSA with a fishbowl view of the makeup room behind her. There are rows of tables set up with folding chairs and long, low mirrors. Inexpensive, portable lamps are clamped to the mirrors and makeup is scattered all over the tables, but Ilsa is the only person in the room. Ilsa is a blonde woman in her forties with a sharp, serious look. Her hair is short and artistic; her bangs are blunt and the front is longer than the back. She wears a white cosmetologist's coat and a black miniskirt, and she's putting a cigarette out in a plastic ashtray.

Ilsa: Sure, what do you need?

Justice pushes Jade down into one of Ilsa's chairs and Ilsa examines her face through the mirror. Jade looks caught off-guard by the whole process, but Justice is in his element.

Justice: No Sharpie, light makeup, and an outfit that brings out her eyes. Something more feminine. And...geez, I don't know. Whatever you think.

Ilsa: Don't worry, Lovie. I'll take care of it.

Justice: Thanks, you're sexy.

He kisses Ilsa on the cheek, and Ilsa accepts it without changing her serious expression. But Jade cringes.

Jade: [Must be L.A.]

Justice: I'll be right back.

He leaves. Ilsa puts alcohol on a round wipe and grabs Jade's wrist. She yanks up Jade's arm and starts scrubbing at the Sharpie ink.

Jade: Ow, hey!

Ilsa: What are these bugs on your arms?

Jade: They're leftover from yesterday.

Ilsa continues to clean Jade with the round wipe.

Ilsa: No more drawing on yourself. You want to draw, you buy sketchbook.

Ilsa opens an eye pencil and there's a small "pop." She holds Jade's chin with one hand and starts to apply eyeliner. Jade squints, annoyed.

Jade: If Harrison's worried about it, he can buy me a sketchbook. Ow, would you be careful?

Ilsa: Let me do me job, okay?

Afterward, Ilsa selects an article of clothing from a long rack that's full of dresses and idol-type clothes. She hands it to Jade. Jade's hair has been put into a high, messy updo and long pieces of hair frame her face.

Ilsa: Here, put this on.

Jade takes the dress and holds it up in order to examine it. She doesn't look impressed.

Jade: Where do I change?

Ilsa: Anywhere. Right here.

Jade looks over at Ilsa, shocked.

Jade: Here? What if Justice comes back?

Ilsa isn't concerned. Jade is holding the dress up in front of her fully-clothed chest, already feeling exposed.

Ilsa: He'll knock. Or he'll forget to knock and you'll both be embarrassed. It happens.

Ilsa waves her on impatiently.

Ilsa: Now, hurry up.

Jade stares down at the dress. Finally she jumps up, tears off her shirt and pants, and starts to pull the dress over her head. At that moment, Justice barges into the room without looking; he's focused on whatever papers he's holding. Jade yanks the dress down just as Justice glances up. He gazes at her with no emotion. Jade pants and smoothes down the dress. It's a short, cotton dress with ruffles across the bust and spaghetti straps. Justice smiles.

Justice: Looks good. You can't wear those sneakers, though.

He points at Ilsa.

Justice: Get her some high heels.

Jade slouches in front of him like she's angry or depressed.

Jade: I can't wear heels.

Justice: It'll be fine-

Jade grabs Justice's face and squishes his cheeks together like a chipmunk. Her eyes are wild; she might be starting to lose it.

Jade: Listen to me, Justice. I can't wear heels. I'm sure I could figure it out eventually, but if you send me out there in shoes like that without a chance to practice, I'm going to fall on my face. Now, come up with something else.

Justice looks back at Ilsa, annoyed. The only part of Jade that's visible is her wrist, and he's grabbing it like he's trying to keep her from attacking him anymore.

Justice: Fine, we'll do boots. Ilsa?

Ilsa is already holding a pair of ankle boots.

Ilsa: Ready for you, Lovie.

Soon Jade and Justice are standing in the hall, waiting for an elevator. Once inside, Justice pushes the button and hands Jade his clipboard. There are some papers clipped to it.

Justice: Fill these out, quick.

Jade takes it and starts looking through the papers.

Jade: What is this?

Justice: Basic forms. Information, application, non-disclosures, all that stuff.

He hands her a pen.

Justice: Also, I need you to write a quick letter asking Harrison to let you audition.

Jade takes the pen.

Jade: Are you kidding me?

Justice: It's part of the initial application process, so we need one on file.

Jade: Can't you type one up and put my name on it?

Justice: Nope, they have to be handwritten. It doesn't really matter what it says, though. He just wants to see your handwriting. He says you can tell a lot about a girl's intelligence and ability to be trained that way.

Jade starts writing.

Jade: Stupid and easily-led, that's me.

Justice: Last thing is the contract. Five years with the Harrison Group if you win, with an option to renew.

We see the clipboard up close. There's an "artist recording contract" clipped to it, and the contract's been filled out with the date and Jade's name. Jade looks up, challenging.

Jade: What do you mean, if I win? What about if Amber wins? I'm not doing this if she doesn't get in.

Justice smirks at her.

Justice: Right, of course not.

Jade mocks him with a stupid face.

Jade: Right, of course not.

He keeps gazing at her with that smarmy smile; she jabs an angry finger at him.

Jade: Don't screw with me, Hollywood Boy. I'm not signing any contract that doesn't have that in writing.

Justice: I know that's what you'd say. I put a clause into your contract myself.

Justice grins and points to the contract.

Justice: See? It's right here. So sign this, and initial here...

Jade squints and writes.

Jade: My, aren't you well-prepared.

We see a sign that says "Video 3," and then we're in a room equipped for cinamatography and photography. There's a lighting setup, with huge flood lights and a neutral backdrop. A stool sits in front of the backdrop and a camera is pointed at the stool.

Justice: I only have about twenty to get Round One photos and a video. Can we do it?

A CAMERAMAN wearing a hoodie and a dark beanie watches Jade like he doesn't quite trust her. Jade looks annoyed and dangerous.

Camerman: If she cooperates, we can do it.

Justice: She'll cooperate.

Justice gives Jade a big thumbs-up as he's slipping out the door.

Justice: Just keep thinking about your sister! Good luck!

The cameraman gestures to the stool.

Camerman: Have a seat on that stool over there and face the camera.

Jade sits on the stool; we can see her both from our POV beside the camera and in the actual camera monitor. The shot in the monitor is the same shot from the first page of chapter one, with Jade looking bitterly at the camera.

Cameraman: Okay. Give us your name, your age, and tell us a little about yourself.

Jade's face is dark in the shadow of the glaring lights. From her perspective. all she can see is white light washing out everything else, and the squints. In her mind she's standing on the edge of a cliff, gazing down into a bright canyon. She's terrified at the thought of what she's about to do, but she closes her eyes and gathers her courage. Then she lets herself fall from the cliff.

Jade: My name is Jade Smith, I'm fifteen years old, and I don't want to be doing this.