Chapter 8


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Transcript for Chapter 8

Transcript for Chapter 8A - Recovery

Jade: [Oh, geez, that was so bad. I can't believe how ridiculous I-]

Interview: Jade, hi!

Jade: Hi.

Int: You just finished your solo performance, right? How was it?

Jade: [So humiliating that I'd rather kill myself than have to remember it again.]

Jade: Good.

Int: How do you think Harrison will feel when he watches it?

Jade: [I think he's going to burn my paperwork and try to pass me off as a psych patient who sneaked into auditions.]

Jade: I hope he loves it.

Int: And what about you, Jade? How are you feeling, now that your solo is done? Excited? Nervous?

Jade: [Forgive me, Amber, but I'm relieved. I'm relieved my part in this farce is over. I failed, but at least I know I did everything I could possibly do to try and win this audition for you. God knows I didn't do it for stupid Harrison's sake.]

Jade: I'm ready to hear the results.

Int: Okay, cut. Lucky for you, results are in forty-five minutes.

Jade: That's it?

Int: They're going to announce the winners of Round Three in the main auditorium at seven o'clock. The contestants who have finished already are down there eating refreshments.

Jade: Really? Good, I haven't had any food all day. I thought they were just going to let us starve.

Int: It'll all be cleaned up, soon, so you'd better hurry.

Jade: How do I...?

Int: Just take the north elevator to the second floor and turn right.

Jade: [As if I know where the north elevator is.]

Jade: [Where am I? How do I get back to where I was?]

Phone rings.

Justice's answering machine: This is the mailbox for (424)218-

Phone rings.

Justice: Hello, there, my flower.

Jade: Listen, Justice. If I have to humble myself enough to call you, you'd darn well better answer the phone.

Justice: What's up?

Jade: I need my clothes. My old clothes. Do you know where they are?

Justice: Gone. I put them in the incinerator.

Jade: What?

Justice: I'm kidding.

Jade: [I'm really not as gullible as this guy makes me feel. He's just an excellent liar, when he wants to be.]

Justice: They're probably still with Ilsa.

Jade: I need to put them back on and I don't know how to find Ilsa in this rat maze.

Justice: Let them go. As long as you're involved with Bouquet, you can't wear them.

Justice: If you get cut tonight you're welcome to be as grungy as you want-

Jade: If I fail?

Justice: -but we're taping these results and we're definitely going to want a shot of you and Amber together, whether or not you pass.

Jade: Well, I can't wear this. Amber's going to think I was possessed by a body snatcher.

Justice: Jade.

Jade: Wah!

Justice: Makeup's this way.

Jade: Proof positive that show business is still sexist. Lucky jerk has real pockets.

Girls: Waaaaaaaah!

Transcript for Chapter 8B

Girl: I wish I was dead!

Girl's mom: Dead girls don't get to be on TV, Honey.

Amy's mom: If you don't make it, you can try again next year.

Amy: But I'll be really old by then!

Cosmetologist: I knew we should have gone waterproof. They don't usually cry until aafter the results, but this group is really emotional.

Ilsa: You have worked with the older girls too long. The thirteen-year-olds always cry.

Justice: Ilsa...

Info box: Boss's son.

Ilsa: Yes, Lovie?

Justice: I guess you can't help me with Jade right now...

Ilsa: Sorry. Results are in half an hour and I'll be touching up until then.

Justice: She doesn't need makeup. Just clothes.

Ilsa: Wardrobe's over there. Pick out what you want.

Justice: If I were to be completely honest with you right now...

Justice: ...I'd have to admit that I've never done this.

Jade: Done what, played with Barbies?

Justice: That I've done. Ooh, pink.

Jade: No.

Jade: I don't need a whole new stupid outfit, just something to cover the one I'm wearing. This could be good.

Jade: Whoa, badass. Green's okay.

Justice: How do you find the only leather jacket in the building?

Jade: Great. Now I have bedroom hair.

Ilsa: Put it back when you're done.

Jade: Mm-hmm.

Justice: What are you doing now?

Jade: Think she has black lipstick?

Justice: No. Absolutely not. What you've done already is bad enough.

Jade: But do I look okay?

Justice: You look like Amber doing an impersonation of you.

Jade: Good. Maybe she'll buy it.

Justice: You know, we're filming a television show, here. Millions of people will be watching and trying to figure out how the punk got in. Amber's feelings aren't the only thing that matters right now.

Jade: They are to me. If they weren't, I wouldn't have been so easy to manipulate. Right? Besides, I'm not going to pass, and soon all anyone is going to care about is the top ten.

Justice: You don't know that you're not going to pass.

Jade: ...

Justice: Okay, you're probably not going to pass. But it's not because you're bad, it's because you're too unpredictable.

Jade: Oh my gosh, you finally picked up on that? I was starting to think your radar was broken.

Justice: Sometimes when you really, really want something, it makes you ignore your radar.

Jade: Shh, say no more. I should have known you would always be out of reach for me. Ha ha ha ha!

Justice: Ah-