Chapter 9

Don't Leave Me

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Transcript for Chapter 9

Transcript for Chapter 9A

Jade walks past a stairwell and Justice is coming down. He looks annoyed. Jade looks innocent.

Jade: Oh, there you are.

Justice: Don't give me that. You took the elevator without me.

Jade: Are you coming to hear the results, too?

Justice: I'll be in the back. Harrison likes to keep me behind the cameras, not in front of them. But I'll see you after.

She goes into the main auditorium and looks around. Convention center employees are wheeling away carts.

Jade: [Boo, I missed the food.]

She looks around for Amber and finds her near a few girls.

Jade: [There's Amber. Leave it to her to make a thousand friends wherever she goes.]

Jade approaches Amber. She's adjusting her jacket like a tough guy trying to pretend he's not bothered by something.

Jade: [Okay, just be cool. This is no big deal. She's going to be so distracted by the auditions that she shouldn't notice anything strange.]

Jade: Hey, Amber.

Amber: Oh, there you are. I was starting to wonder if you'd gotten bored and gone back to the hotel.

Jade: I got very bored. But I wouldn't do that to you.

Amber: Thanks.

Jade: [Here's the part where Amber would usually take on the delicate task of trying to introduce her weird sister to all her friends. Luckily, she seems too preoccupied to bother with it.]

Amber: Won't be long, now. Won't be long until they tell us.

Jade: You're right. It's almost seven.

Amber: I can't do this, Jade.

Jade: Do what?

Amber: I thought I could handle the stress, but I can't. Even if I made it into Bouquet, the idol life would probably kill me.

Jade: This is not the idol life. This is some BS television show hoop you have to jump through to get there. Look at it this way; pass a couple more rounds and everything after it will look really simple.

Amber: If I can pass.

Jade: You're going to pass this one, at least.

Amber: How do you know?

Jade: Oh! Because you're the second-prettiest girl in this room, and I'm too crazy for 'em.

Jade thinks this is funny, but Amber's just staring at her seriously.

Jade: What is it?

Amber: You did something. To your hair. It's brown.

Jade: Oh, yeah. I thought I'd change it up a bit.

Amber: And what's up with your outfit?

Amber: Are you wearing tights? And heels?

Jade: Don't worry about it too much.

Amber: But-

Jade: Look, Amber. You're going to be on television. Maybe it's a good thing that you won't have a punk in every single shot with you.

Amber: Maybe I'd rather stand next to a punk.

Jade stares at her, confused by the uncharacteristic bitterness. Before she can respond, though, a lady gets up on stage.

Amy: Hey, it's starting.

Transcript for Chapter 9B

Woman: Good evening. My name is Katrina, and it's my pleasure to announce the winners of Round Three to you tonight. Please be reminded that you are all under confidentiality restrictions and that the results tonight may not be discussed with anyone outside this room until-

Jade: Who's that lady? Where's Harrison?

Friend #1: We don't get to see him until the end of the last round. He's probably not even in the building.

Katrina: Ten of you are about to progress to the final round of these auditions.

Amber: I don't feel so good.

Jade: You're going to be fine.

Amber: Don't leave me, okay?

Jade: I'm not going anywhere.

Katrina: I will call your names in no particular order; when you hear your name, please come up to the stage. The first winner of Round Three is...Amy Reed!

Katrina: Hannah Gregory!

Katrina: Jade Smith!

Jade: [What?]

Amber: What did they just say?

Katrina: Is Jade Smith here?

Jade: I...

Amber: Did they say Jade Smith?

Katrina: Come up to the stage, please.

Jade: I'm sorry, I have to...

Amber: Wait-

Staff member: Right this way.

Katrina: Alexis Ritterbach.

Jade: [This doesn't make any sense. I only auditioned out of desperation; I wasn't actually supposed to make it this far, and I...I guess I never really believed Amber would find out about it.]

Katrina: Grace Choi.

Jade: [That's the ninth girl. But the next name they call has to be Amber's.]

Jade: [Justice said she would definitely go to the end. There would be no point in passing me if they don't pass her, right?]

Katrina: And finally...the last girl to move on to the final round is...Amber Smith!

Friend #2: Go, Amber. That's you.

Friend #1: We knew you were going to make it. Win it for us, okay?

Jade: [Thank goodness. They scared me for a minute.]

Katrina: Please give another hand for the Final Ten!

Jade: [Oh, no.]

Jade: [What have I done?]